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Payroll Register Template

Payroll Register is very important to keep record of employees and their wages. Here is a Payroll Register Template that can help anyone from small scale organization to medium scale organization to pay their wages quickly and with complete track record of past history. This template is created using MS Excel 2007 so that it should be easier for business owners to manage and customize as per their needs. This Payroll Register has following features,

  • Supports Employee ID to track employees uniquely even if they have same names.
  • Wages Calculation based upon Hour of Work
  • 3 Types of Tax
  • Insurance & Security Deposit
  • Gross and Net Payment
  • Fixed Header for longer list of Employees
Here is preview of this Payroll Register Template,
Here is download link,
I have taken a step ahead and added some fake data to let my visitors know how to input data and how it will look like when your own data is inserted into it beforehand. Here is preview of a Sample Payroll Register,
Here is download link,